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Shanghai Realbio Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2014, headquartered in the Pujiang High-tech Park, Minhang District, Shanghai,China. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in early accurate tumor detection. Regional centers have been established in Hangzhou, Qingdao, and other cities. The company operates independent medical testing laboratories in both Shanghai and Qingdao. Meanwhile, GMP-standard production workshops which cover an area of approximately 3000 square meters have been established in both Shanghai and Hunan.

With its core technology advantages in genetic testing, Realbio is dedicated to the development of multiple early non-invasive tumor detection products. It aims to achieve early cancer detection that is ultra-early, precise, safe, and highly compliant. By helping early-stage cancer patients seize the "golden window of opportunity" for clinical intervention, and by providing comprehensive automation of the testing process, it offers robust support for large-scale tumor testing and enables the digital upgrade of the IVD industries. Realbio has become a true leader in accurate tumor detection in China.

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China's leading company in accurate tumor detection

1000+Technology service projects
500+Partner medical institutions
200+Invention patents and software works
60%+Proportion of master degree or above
30W+Number of samples tested
  • Shanghai Realbio Medical Laboratory
  • Qingdao Realbio Precision Medical Laboratory
  • Hangzhou Realbio Bioinformatics Analysis Center
  • Hunan Realbio GMP standard production workshop
  • Shanghai Realbio Medical Laboratory was registered in August 2020 and occupies an area of approximately 800 square meters. Realbio Laboratory possesses dual qualifications, including the "Medical Institution Practice License" and the "Technical Audit Certificate for Clinical Genetic Amplification Testing Laboratory". The laboratory is equipped with advanced equipment such as the MGI-SEQ200 and Illumina NextSeq 550Dx sequencing platforms, fully automated nucleic acid extractors, fluorescent quantitative PCR instruments, and other state-of-the-art devices. Leveraging a profound accumulation of genetic methylation testing technology, an automated bioinformatics data analysis system, and a rigorous quality management system, Realbio Laboratory provides precise and efficient technical support for early non-invasive tumor detection.

    The core technical team has rich experience in product research and development, as well as significant project management experience, in the fields of clinical diagnostics and tumor genetic testing. The team members are well-known experts, scholars, and high-level scientific researchers in this field. They possess strong scientific research capabilities and have extensive experience in clinical diagnostics.

  • Qingdao Realbio Precision Medical Laboratory Co., Ltd. was registered in November 2017 and occupies an area of approximately 1,500 square meters. It is located in the International Medical Center of the Sino-German Ecological Park in the West Coast New Area of Qingdao City. It is the flagship testing service base of Realbio Biotech Group specifically established for Northern China, covering a wide service range throughout the Northern China region. Qingdao Realbio possesses the third-party medical institution practice license qualification for medical testing laboratories and is also the first medical testing laboratory in the Sino-German Ecological Park area of Shandong Free Trade Zone to obtain the Clinical Genetic Amplification Testing Laboratory Technical Audit Certificate.

    With the solid technical strength of Realbio technology, Qingdao Realbio Laboratory is primarily dedicated to offer cutting-edge technical support in fields such as early tumor detection and high-throughput gene testing. We provide excellent and precise in vitro molecular diagnostic services to our wide range of customers. By leveraging our large-scale technological platforms, extensive sample collection, vast databases, and intelligent analysis software, we strive to empower the development of life sciences, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and the technology sector in the blue ocean economy. Our goal is to further elevate the circle of production, education, research, and application.

  • Hangzhou Realbio Bioinformatics Analysis Center is situated within the Xihu Science and Technology Park in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. It serves as the research and development hub carefully established by Real Biotech Group. The company boasts advanced experimental equipment and a robust bioinformatics analysis platform. The laboratory is fully equipped with facilities such as a biosafety cabinet II, Agilent 2100 detection equipment, Qubit fluorometer, NanoDrop microvolume spectrophotometer, fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument, electrophoresis apparatus, large-scale high-speed centrifuge, gel imaging device, etc.

    In terms of information analysis platform construction, Hangzhou Bioinformatics Center has implemented a high-performance computing cluster system, aiming to provide comprehensive solutions and technical support for various clinical research initiatives at the headquarters. The center is equipped with a big data analysis platform, achieving a computational power of 50T flops and storage capacity exceeding 2PB. Furthermore, it has collaborated with Alibaba Cloud to establish a more robust computing platform in the cloud, capable of supporting the research of big data algorithms and systems designed for PB-level genomic data.

    Hangzhou Realbio occupies a crucial strategic position in research and development. This includes collecting and investigating industry-leading information to analyze products with potential for approval from a technical perspective. Subsequently, it involves formulating research and development plans, as well as implementing concrete implementation strategies and carrying out experiments to efficiently advance product finalization and successful outcomes.

  • Realbio Technology Hunan Branch was established in 2021. It has established a 1,200 square meter clean production workshop that meets GMP standards, with grades of ten thousand and one hundred thousand. Additionally, it has implemented a quality management system in accordance with ISO 13485. The branch possesses full-process research and development, production, and inspection capabilities for IVD reagents and medical device software (including other active medical device products), and is equipped with corresponding equipment and facilities. It has the ability to produce in vitro diagnostic reagents with reliable quality, strong stability, and high safety, as well as efficient supply. The establishment and development of Realbio Technology Hunan Branch have accelerated the company's digitized, scaled, and intelligent production of medical devices.