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Nucleic acid extraction and purification machine

Realmaster-32 is equipped with cup module, nucleic acid extraction and purification module, high-speed and low-speed centrifugation module, efficient filtration system, temperature incubation and mixing and other sample processing function modules, which highly integrates sample pretreatment, nucleic acid extraction and nucleic acid purification, and effectively solves the problem of excessive occupation of laboratory space by medical instruments. With a floor area of only 2m2 and only one manpower required for operation, it can replace the traditional manual Laboratory of 40m2 and realize the whole process automation laboratory of pretreatment, extraction, methylation and purification of a variety of samples with one key.

High efficiencyThe processing efficiency of all-in-one machine is 3 times that of manual processing
SafetyThe station integrates the material arrival detection function. Accurately identify and reduce operation errors to reduce laboratory personnel's exposure to chemical reagents; Efficient filtration system to ensure the safety of experimental organisms
SteadyReduce human participation and manual operation, and improve the stability and consistency of experimental results
FlexibleFlexible configuration, adding or reducing modules as needed; High compatibility, compatible with various sample tubes and centrifuge tubes, 1-16 samples can be flexibly set
IntelligentKey type intelligent operation, digital storage record of whole process experimental information

Detection of human efficiency increased by 48 timesOne click "sample in- template out