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COLOWELL Noninvasive ColorectalCancer Screening Test


COLOWELL uses a patented double-S-target bowel cancer testto predict colorectal cancer risk by combining todetect themethylation levels of the SFRP2 and SDC2 genes in shed cells ina stool sample based on a large-sample data analysis model.

  • 92.2%Clinical Sensitivity
  • 91.9%Clinical Specificity
  • 62.9%High-Grade Intraepithelia[ Neoplasia (HIN)

Global Colorectal Cancer 1.93 million new cases Ranked No. 3

Colorectal cancer is not scary
early detection is key

The slow onset of colorectal cancer, from precancer-ous polyps to cancer, takes 10-15 years. This biological feature makes colorectal cancer suitable for ear-lydetection. Colorectal cancer can be effectively pre-vented by detecting and removing precancerous le-sions such as adenomas.

One-stop localization solution

The COLOWELLone-stop localization solution covers fecal sampling devicenucleic acid extraction kit, nucleic acid purification kit and human SFRP2 andSDC2gene combined methylation detection kit. The whole-process profession -alquality control, digitalization and traceability can assist the clinic to achieveamore convenient and accurate diagnosis of colorectal cancer

Six Advantages of COLOWELLO

Suitable Population


Patented invention
Medical Device Registration Certificate
(in Vitro Diagnostic reagents)
Nationalinstrument registration
Eu CE certification